Wooden Boat Resources

www.loboat.com – Lake Oswego Boat Company

Woody Boater – Classic Boat News

Danenberg Boatworks – Specializing in the restoration or preservation of antique and classic wooden boats.

Chris Craft – After 140 years, Chris-Craft continues to be the leader in product design, innovation, quality and craftsmanship in the premium boat and yacht building industry.

Gar Wood Boats – Today Gar Wood boats are among the most sought-after classic boats in the world.

ACBS – Antique and Classic Boat Society

Antique Boat Museum – the premier freshwater nautical museum in North America.

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club – Dedicated to research, documentation and preservation of all classic Chris Craft boats

Antique Boat America – Your Premier Broker for Antique & Classic Boats, operating in North America and Worldwide

Century Boat Club – Exchange ideas, ask and offer advice, and share experiences with hundreds of other Century boat owners.

Hagerty Insurance – Insurance and valuation


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