Dan Day 10/19/2009

We have a ’59 Century Resorter which had a 5200 bottom installed by McCall Boat works. Don and the McCall Boat Works Crew kept me fully informed on the progress of the work. They frequently sent me pictures as the work progressed. After the work was completed they gave me a CD with over 150 pictures that showed every step of the bottom work. The completed bottom looked terrific. The 5200 bottom is great – the boat can go in and out of the water without soaking. The rubber layer between the plywood and the planks provides a soft ride and there’s a feeling of security when out on the lake in rough water with the family. It would be nice if the original bottoms could last forever but the 5200 bottom is a good investment in one’s boat.

Don continues to be helpful. I was having trouble starting the engine and I called him on a Saturday morning in August and he helped me trouble-shoot the problem which enabled us to use the boat for the weekend. It’s great to have such knowledgeable help with our boat.

Thanks Don and McCall Boat Works.
Dan of Boise