Having been a successful classic wooden boat restorer myself in San Diego, California, I can highly recommend McCall Boat Works for restoration perfection and personable professionalism. I have been SO impressed with Don Hardy and his incredible attention to detail, winning national and international awards for his boats…..

McCall Boat Works restorations will make you a winner for sure!!

I was a member of the S. California Chapter-ACBS for over thirty years. I retired to McCall about 9 years ago…..just in time to witness Don be a founder of the 2004 Payette Lakes Chapter-ACBS. He has serviced and restored my personal wooden boats. In 2009 my Capri, Déjà Vu took Best Runabout in our show.

Don’s finishes are the BEST I have seen in forty years. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction, impeccable service and GREAT communication skills. I have first hand seen Don’s business grow along with his love for the wooden boats. I am familiar with many of his customers whom ALL feel they have been treated fairly and honestly.

Drop by his shop anytime; he always makes you feel welcome!!
Thanks for the memories!
Dennis Bolger
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Dennis Bolger & DEJA VU

Tony Laidlaw 2015

We have had our small 14’ runabout boat in our family for well over 50 years.  During that time many great family boating memories have been made.  When it was time to refinish it, we wanted to work with a company that would have not only the know how to do the job properly, but also understand the emotional attachment we have to the boat.  Since I live in Boise, the most logical place to first check out was McCall Boat Works.

On our first visit to McCall Boat Works boat shop we were warmly greeted by some of the craftsmen who gladly showed us around the place.  It was clear to us that they take pride in restoring and refinishing vintage boats.  When I showed Don Hardy pictures of our boat, he was excited to want to work on it.  He showed us some of the boats McCall Boat Works was working on as well as some that have recently been completed and won trophies at Lake Tahoe Boat Show.

Don’s experience with working on vintage boats is very evident when talking with him as he mentions screw spacing, authentic hardware, final finish requirements, etc. that are necessary to win juried boat shows.  Whether we enter our boat into a show or not, that is the kind of attention to detail that we want for our boat.  Don’s quest for quality was demonstrated to us when he mentioned that he personally was not satisfied with the paint job on the sides of the boat and repainted it himself in his own dime.

Satisfied with what we saw, we decided to go with McCall Boat Works.  From the moment we dropped the boat off we knew we made the right choice.  Don kept us informed every step of the way, promptly answering any questions we had and explaining any processes we had questions about.  Periodically throughout the refinishing Don would send me pictures showing the progress just to make sure we were in the loop and to quell any concerns we may have had.  His connections with experts in other trades like graphics, chrome plating, steering wheel refurbishing, and upholstery, to name a few, meant that we would have quality work done without having to look on our own and risk getting unacceptable results and having to do it over.

We got the boat back recently and are very pleased with the results.  Deck has a mirror finish and the chrome gleams.  A few days ago we had the boat  parked in front of a shop and noticed a car pull up, the driver got out, took a picture of it and then drove off with a smile on his face.  Due to the quality work McCall Boat Works did, absolute strangers are pulling up beside us and giving a thumbs up about how it looks.

Are we satisfied?  Most definitely!
Tony Laidlaw

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Tony Laidlaw

Dan Day 10/19/2009

We have a ’59 Century Resorter which had a 5200 bottom installed by McCall Boat works. Don and the McCall Boat Works Crew kept me fully informed on the progress of the work. They frequently sent me pictures as the work progressed. After the work was completed they gave me a CD with over 150 pictures that showed every step of the bottom work. The completed bottom looked terrific. The 5200 bottom is great – the boat can go in and out of the water without soaking. The rubber layer between the plywood and the planks provides a soft ride and there’s a feeling of security when out on the lake in rough water with the family. It would be nice if the original bottoms could last forever but the 5200 bottom is a good investment in one’s boat.

Don continues to be helpful. I was having trouble starting the engine and I called him on a Saturday morning in August and he helped me trouble-shoot the problem which enabled us to use the boat for the weekend. It’s great to have such knowledgeable help with our boat.

Thanks Don and McCall Boat Works.
Dan of Boise

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Dan Day

Ellroy 10/09/2009

Don and McCall Boat Works,
Thanks for your help in keeping Christine in pristine condition this summer. I enjoyed working with you on the recent varnish project. Had I tried to do this myself the results would have been less than perfect. Allowing me to come into your shop and work with you was the right way to get the best result on the bright work project. I also appreciate your quick turn around on the drive shaft project. We’ll see you again next spring for bottom paint etc… Thanks again your wonderful to work with!


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Brian Ellroy

A Yahoo Local User 10/09/2009

We are the original owners of a 1951 Century Resorter. Around 2002 Don Hardy with McCall Boat Works restored our family boat to perfection. New keel, chines, frames and a 3M5200 bottom, new top sides, new covering boards and new decking; complete restoration. It came out SO shiny and beautiful. AND dry. Our original motor needed TLC; no problem. It was reviewed and tuned up perfectly (even to today) by McCall Boat Works. Documentation, detail, communication and professionalism are all at McCall Boat Works. Even today, 6 years later they continue to take care of the boat.

I would recommend McCall Boat Works highly over anywhere else.
Thanks, McCall Boat Works.

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1951 Century Resorter

Ronald Nahas 02/25/2009

We have a 1954 Chris Craft Racer. Don replaced the transom on our boat; refinished the sides, deck and interior, and rebuilt the transmission. Our boat has been in the family for over 40 years. We’ve had it worked on by Sierra Boat Company and others. The quality of Don’s work exceeds the others. He is a perfectionist. I have found him to be pleasant, honest, reliable, and mostly on time.
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Ronald Nahas

Twin Finn 01/25/2009

McCall Boat works is an outstanding shop specializing in all aspects of wooden boat repair and restoration. Don Hardy is the proprietor and takes special care with every job. He can provide everything from an oil change to a full restoration with the same quality and high level of service.
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Twin Finn

Larry Chase 01/23/2009


Good folks here! I have known the owner, Don, for many years and vouch for his ability and integrity. The boats that he works on are wonderful works of art, and very mechanically sound. Besides that … he respects the boat’s owner’s wishes and opinions. A great shop to do business with.

Larry Chase in Boise

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Larry Chase