Having been a successful classic wooden boat restorer myself in San Diego, California, I can highly recommend McCall Boat Works for restoration perfection and personable professionalism. I have been SO impressed with Don Hardy and his incredible attention to detail, winning national and international awards for his boats…..

McCall Boat Works restorations will make you a winner for sure!!

I was a member of the S. California Chapter-ACBS for over thirty years. I retired to McCall about 9 years ago…..just in time to witness Don be a founder of the 2004 Payette Lakes Chapter-ACBS. He has serviced and restored my personal wooden boats. In 2009 my Capri, Déjà Vu took Best Runabout in our show.

Don’s finishes are the BEST I have seen in forty years. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction, impeccable service and GREAT communication skills. I have first hand seen Don’s business grow along with his love for the wooden boats. I am familiar with many of his customers whom ALL feel they have been treated fairly and honestly.

Drop by his shop anytime; he always makes you feel welcome!!
Thanks for the memories!
Dennis Bolger